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On a recent OPRAH Special, Dr. Oz raved about the Far Infrared Sauna declaring it one of the five best things we can do for Life Extension.

He also recommended it for:

Detoxification    Pain Relief    Weight Loss    Heart Health
See what our clients say about the Far Infrared Sauna and the CERAGEM Jade Massage:

In the past month since I’ve used the far infrared sauna I’ve lost 8 pounds, my skin looks better than ever, I have noticeably less cellulite, and I sleep deeper than I have in years. Everyone should try it!
- Nicky Bojin, Natural Foods Chef

I saw my dermatologist and she asked what I was doing because my skin was so smooth. My body skin was getting dry, itchy and wrinkled and I didn’t know why. After just six far infrared sauna sessions that’s all gone – my skin feels and looks beautiful. It’s helped my heart as well, no more palpitations! 
- Lenore Fusano, Wellness Practitioner

The CERAGEM saved me! It helped my back when nothing else could.
- Phil Abramson, Tennis Pro, Westlake Village

After a 40-minute CERAGEM session I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated that I feel like I just went to a spa. I would certainly recommend everyone try it. I love it!
- Dr. Zoya Furman, Internist, Westlake Village

It’s just absolutely terrific to lie down on the CERAGEM and relax and have it ease away all the stress, all the pressure of the day. It’s marvelous!
- Robert Kowalski, Medical Journalist

The rolling motion of the heated jade will increase flexibility, re-establish the natural curves of the spine, lubricate joints and break down arthritis. I recommend it for home use to anyone who has chronic pain or stiffness. I believe it can help even the worst cases and that everyone should try it.
-- Dr. Edward Wagner, Chiropractor, Pacific Palisades

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